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Saddle Fitting

There is a lot to learn about saddle fitting and I receive calls, emails and personal messages on Facebook daily about saddle fitting.  Here is how I go about accessing saddle fit.  


First I like to see photos of the horse we are trying to fit,  and of the rider we are trying to fit. 

Each horse is put together differently and  that makes each fitting different.  Young horses are going to fill out, a horse  being worked daily will be in it's peak form versus an older horse that may begin to get more of a sway back and hallowing out behind the shoulder or may be a very round pasture pony, so I like to see how the horse is put together.  

We also need to see the length of the horses back as a saddle that is to long will impede the horses proper movement.  A saddle hat is to narrow in the gullet will pinch the horse on either side of the withers and shoulder and create movement and stride issues, a saddle to wide may rest on the hoses wither and spine, so each aspect of the saddle needs to be address as it pertains to the horses overall build.  

Many photos I receive for looking at saddle fit the rider has the saddle to far forward versus sitting in the pocket behind the horses shoulder, or using a saddle that is to long for the horses back so once a pad is added we are out past the "point of the hip" on the horse also affecting proper movement.   So let's look at each of these two horses for saddle fit.  



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